After years of making my own laundry soap (originally to save money, then realized it was slightly better for the environment, and lastly found out that regular laundry soap irritated daughter2’s skin, I have now switched over to washing our clothes with nuts.

yep. Nuts. Soapnuts.  Going on a month now and so far so good.  Doesn’t work great on stains; have to pretreat those and we use homemade or store bought on potty pads.  We’ll see how long I do this.



I had an idea to start a blog a few years back when Camille left for Germany. I wanted a place where she and I could write to each other and keep track of her life so far away. Well, FaceTime proved to be much easier and faster.

We all seem to be busy with our lives but still interested in each other’s lives so I thought, perhaps, a blog would be the way to go. We all have access to the internet so at any given time we can see what’s going on. So, here goes….